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Sir Francis Bacon wrote in his book Sylva Sylvarum;

"They have in Turkey, a drink called coffa, made of a berry of the same name, as black as soot, and of a strong scent, but not aromatical; which they take, beaten into powder, in water as hot as they can drink it: and they take it, and sit at it in their coffa-houses, which are like our taverns. This drink comforteth the brain, and heart, and helpeth digestion."

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  1. Forlife Acorn Teapot - 2 cup - Carrot

    Forlife Acorn Teapot - 2 cup - Carrot


    The charming acorn-shaped teapot, complete with the basket infuser with handle, allows you to remove the infuser at the optimal time. The acorn teapot has a wide handle to provide a comfortable grip and a locking feature to secure the lid.

    Enjoy the subtle flavor of the infused tea!

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